Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I've bloody done it! Ahhhh!

Ahh! Gather round everyone! 

I've only gone and bloody done it, you ready for it? Are you ready cause I don't think you are...



Oh my gosh, it's such a relief that I am slowly getting a little bit closer towards my dream job and life couldn't get any better, well it could; but for now it's pretty sweet! 

I'm so pleased that I've finished it, just waiting for the certificate now. Which because I finally finished it all early this morning, they have sent my certificate off today first class, so it will be here sooner than you know! 

I also got my certificates from college, I have happily passed my Level 1 Cake Dec and I am now at that qualified level, which is just ace. I'm also starting back up for Level 2 soon, in about 3 weeks which I'm just super excited about! Eeee!

Work is going okay too, I'm doing some more hours this week which when I get paid in September, I will hopefully be able to get my Public Liability Insurance and then be able to go out to the public and sell cakes! Yay, exciting times. Just want to get everything done now. 

But that was all really, just wanted to share the good news! Also I will be posting some new recipes up on the blog, so make sure you click the side bar link to the cake blog! 

Keep your eyes pealed and your ears tuned...

Cause I'm back!

Much love,