Monday, 20 July 2015

It was okay!

Hey everyone!

How are well all today on this Monday afternoon? 

I would like to say that I am doing brilliantly, a little bit ill but other than that I'm good!

It's just a post to say that I survived working in my new job, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, to be honest, it was quite great! 

I was, that is the keyword here people! I was going to write this but I've recently started watching New Girl and..well, I keep being distracted, but I will post this bloody post!

Anyway! The new job is going quite well at the moment, I've only done two shifts so far but I have loved it so much, it feels a bit like I'm working with Mel again, but on a bigger scale which is great! And the people there are so nice and it's such a laugh, for now it is anyway. But for now I can say I am happy there, I don't regret it - I would of regretted it more if I didn't go to it. And most of all...


new girl animated GIF

Getting a bit obsessed with this program, I can't believe I've only just started watching this!! It's so good though! 

I've also decided that I will be creating a new blog, one to do with all the crafts that I do! Such as the blankets I'm doing at the moment, the list has gone up from two to six now can you believe it!?

3 x Baby Blankets 
1 x Blanket for Sam's mum
1 x For my mum
annnd 1 x for me! 

So I've got a lot of crochet to do, in so little time and I have nowhere to show it off, which is sad!

So when I get the new blog up and running, I shall post it on here!
Don't forgot that I have a blog for my book reviews too! Which I have two to write up for today, as well as some blog posts and recipes on the cake blog as well so a lot of admin stuff to do today!

For now, I need to go! 

Lots of love, speak soon!


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