Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hello and welcome!

Hello my lovelies and welcome! 

I hope you are all well? 

Right so if you know who we are, then you're brilliant! If you don't know who we are, then I would like to say that you are still smashing as you have made your way to our page! 

Last night, whilst I was in bed I was thinking that it would be nice for people to know more about Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic and how it came about, and that the main person, Me! (Emma) does do other things other than baking (but I must admit there is a lot of baking going on and I do love it to pieces!) But there are other things that I do and that I love, and I thought it would be a nice thing to write about / share / talk about with other people! I'm also a foodie!

So where to start? Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic was founded in January 2013 by me, myself and I. Currently based at home, I am baking up a storm but hopefully one day I will be able to open my own little shop and when that happens, I will be over the moon! 

 My name is Emma Steers and I from Sheffield! There isn't much here but I do love it with a passion. I did originally do Music when I left school and that was my first course within the next education stage so to speak. I was there for a year where I met some wonderful people, including Mr. B (If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know who I am on about!) 

I did learn a lot, but on the other hand I did lose a lot of my spark and creativity and passion towards music and my musician side of things. Though, however since I left two years later, I have since been able to become my musician self again and get back on those drums which I am so happy about! I've been baking for as long as I can remember, decorating cakes for the last 3-4 years and playing the drums for round about 4-5 years. 

Very creative spark going on here! 

When I am not on the drums or baking & decorating, I am doing many crafts such as Crocheting and drawing, I also read a lot, I do have a book review page that is my baby and I have been looking after that for round about 3-4 years. There are loads of reviews should you wish to have a look or pop on over! Spanning out through some years and some most recent ones too! I also like to write! Gosh there's so much that I want to do in life that I feel I will never be able to do it, but I am determined! 

I started my Cake Decorating course last year in September and I'm soon to be finishing it next month in May, which I am so gutted about! I can't believe it has gone so fast, but I've loved every minute of it, learnt so much and met some wonderful people, if not some annoying ones too! (If you're my college mates you will understand!) But it's been brilliant! 

Sometimes, I do look back and think that I could of started Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic a lot sooner but then I wouldn't of met Mr. B or any of my close friends now, so I can't regret it and I don't! 

I decided to change over to a different course because I wasn't happy on the Music one, just because of the teachers and the teaching methods and then they started to become personal, so when my Nan started to get ill and I started to dislike my job within Virgin Media, I decided that "You know what, I'm going to do what makes me happy, it may be tough but I will get there as I want to do a job that I will love doing and it will make he happy" 

And that is what I am trying to do, it's going to take some time, I know. But I am very determined and I WILL get there and when I do, it will be sweet! 

So that's me! Bit of a long one I'm afraid but there will be better posts soon, promise!

Much love as always, 

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