Friday, 29 May 2015

European Foodie Market - Sheffield 2015 and a general update

Evening everyone!

I haven't been on here in a while, I was meant to be posting up quite regularly but it never really happened! I apologies! xx 

So I was supposed to post about this a few weeks ago, but I've been so busy with college, coursework, job interviews and orders that I haven't had time to think let alone post any blog posts, I still haven't finished the recipe for the spiced sugar cookies! 

The European Food market was brilliant and as always when it comes, it's amazing! People from all over, France, Spain, Germany etc came with such wonderful foods! Pastries, meats, sandwiches, and lots of sugary treats too!

I bought this from such a lovely French stall! 
The people we're so lovely and friendly and their food was divine!

I bought this lovely Spinach and Goats cheese pastry twists, basically like the cheese straws that you can get over here, the pastry was lovely and soft and flaky, spinach and cheese were just beautiful! This wasn't your average size "Twist". It was probably the same size as a 12" Sub from subway and it was so worth it! Was £2.50 which was ace!

I did originally walk past at first, taking a peak but didn't bother. Though when I got down to the bus stop, I realised that I needed to go back as my foodie sense we're tingling, and I ended up buying two cause they we're just that good!

They were making them all on site too which I just found amazing! The Spinach and Cheese ones we're very popular, they were coming out of the oven so soon after the first batch had been placed onto the table!

I love food markets so much, the wide range of food, people and culture is amazing! How all the smells and flavours mix into one, the people are so lovely and It's just amazing!

If they come back I will definitely be stocking up on them, and I will also try and give it a go at making some myself! ;)

Until next time, 

Enjoy your weekend! Keep an eye out for this page and also the Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic page, new recipes will be up later!

Much love!


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