Sunday, 31 May 2015

What I'm Doing Now

Morning everyone!

How is your weekend going so far? 

Mine's been a little bit hectic!

First off, I went to Mr. B's gig yesterday that he played, he did wonderfully well even though the sound was a bit quiet (engineer's) but non the less he did brilliant! I wasn't too keen on the second band if I'm honest, all their songs sounded the same and not very memorable. Meaning, I can't remember a damn song they played, the way they go or there song titles. This isn't because I didn't watch them or anything cause I did, I just found them a little boring and nothing really new.

In other news, I made some new cupcakes up! Rollover Rolo Cupcakes! That's the name we're going for at the moment, it may change haha.

Basically there chocolate cupcakes, with a rolo hidden inside, topped with smooth and fluffy chocolate buttercream, a rolo placed on top then drizzled with homemade salted caramel! Recipe will be on the blog soon! Mr. B approved but felt there should be more Rolo's inside!

In the world of Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic

Also in other news, I have started doing my Level 2 Health and Hygiene course which I am over the moon about! I feel like I'm finally getting some where with my cakes and my little site! Exciting times!

I have some cake orders this coming month too, which will be up on the blog. 
I have an Engagement cake and the Father's Day cake to do in the same week, so that will be busy and then a birthday cake to do the week after! Busy but excited!

What else is there?...

Oh! I'm finally sorting out a pricing system, had to use a template and not just editing it all but will be so much easier to use and cost cakes now. Sending it to Becky and Sam too so they can use it. Will hopefully be doing my Level 2 at college, just all boils down to money as usual. Mum says that she will pay for it but don't want her to all the time as it's not fair, May just ask everyone to chip in and get it for my 21st then it's something that I really want to do. I would only end up buying cake decorating things anyway haha 

I'm also in the process, a very slow process I may add in building my own website, but everything feels like it's getting there slowly, you just can't give up I suppose!
There may be a couple of set backs along the way, one step forwards two steps back, that kind of things but sometimes I take more steps forwards. 

So that's what has been  happening recently in the land of Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic!

Speak soon, much love!

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